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Updates on CoinDeal!

This week has been very busy for our team at CoinDeal. As we have emphasised many times before, we care about the constant development of our cryptocurrency exchange platform. Here is what changed in the past few days!

The most important update is that we have implemented new cryptocurrencies which won in the first voting of our “vote for cryptocurrencies” program. The winners were Ripple, Nano, Bytecoin, Verge and Lisk. Feel free to trade with this cryptocurrencies as you can exchange all of them to Bitcoin and vice-versa.

We have visually improved the look of our homepage adding information about the available deposit and withdrawal methods to make it more accessible to you. Also, from now on, you can check out the information websites which had written about our exchange platform.

We have also improved our mobile version of the Wallets page to simplify switching between wallets and depositing your funds. To make CoinDeal simpler to use, we have added a “Find out more” button on the main page. Thanks to that it will be a lot of easier to check our tabs!

We never stop! Check out CoinDeal - a cryptocurrency exchange platform!