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Trade for Charity

We've decided to reach out to everyone who is a part of our wonderful community. That’s why we would like to invite you to join us for an exciting initiative.

On June 1st most of the countries celebrate both the Children's Day and the Global Day of Parents.

It also happens in Poland, which is where our management board comes from. With your help, we'd like to make the best gift for the children and their parents. “Na ratunek dzieciom z chorobą nowotworową” (To help children with cancer) is a Polish foundation which for 27 years has been helping children struggling with that disease. This year we would like to support them.

How can you help?

All the fees from the transactions, which will be made on 1st June on our platform, will be donated to the “Na ratunek dzieciom z chorobą nowotworową” Foundation. We strongly encourage you to trade for charity on 1st June on Please spread that information among your family and friends and make trading on this day special.

Future is here - Trade for Charity