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Learn how to trade on derivatives for free and win Apple prizes from CoinDeal Derivatives!

Derivatives trading is one way of generating huge profits in a very short time. This raises the question: How can you learn it at no cost?

CoinDeal will allow you to test derivatives for free. This is a unique opportunity to try your hand at margin trading. At first, CoinDeal will launch a DEMO version and after a month of learning the official CoinDeal Derivatives, the platform will be available for every CoinDeal user.

This is just the beginning... So let's move to the point!

In order to appreciate the efforts and willingness to learn, the exchange guarantees prizes worth over 2500 USD for the best traders. Among the prizes are: iPhone SE, iPad mini, Apple Watch, JBL Flip 4, and many others.

The whole action will be split into two parts.

The first part of the competition will take place before the start of the DEMO version will last from now to 7 July 2020. 

At this stage, you will only need your email address and sign up with this email for the waiting list. Then to raise your chances of winning prizes you need to recommend signing up to your friends. This way, in addition to inviting them to the whole action, for each invited person you get points, which are counted in the ranking and give you a better chance to win prizes. The more points you have, the more likely it is that the prizes will go to you. 

You will have a direct opportunity to check the ranking here

Every person on the waiting list will receive an instruction to register for the DEMO CoinDeal Derivatives platform and a reminder of the start of the next stage.

The second part of the competition starts at the start of the DEMO version after the first stage and will last until 8 August 2020. Here the profit generated from trading in derivatives will count. Each user of the DEMO version will receive a pool of free cryptocurrencies for the start, with which he will be able to start trading.

More information about the second part of the competition will be visible in time on CoinDeal social media channels.

Each participant has exactly the same chances to win prizes. The prizes for the first and second parts of the competition are separate. The number of invited people in the first part does not affect your chances in the second part of the game. You can read all the regulations on the Derivatives page.

The only thing that you need to take part in the first part of the competition and also in the DEMO version is your e-mail address