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Results of 6th voting – TRON, SLT and…

We know the results of 6th voting on CoinDeal - our cryptocurrency exchange platform. The winners are…

… TRON and SLT!

The ultimate winner is SLT with 1916 votes. The second place belongs to TRON with 1211 votes. Both of this projects achieved the required amount of your votes. During this voting, one more cryptocurrency reached the minimum of 1000 votes but is on 3rd position - EOS. As it is the first situation like that, we have decided to - as a bonus - invite EOS crypto to stand on the podium with TRON and SLT.

In the next few weeks, CoinDeal is going to implement TRON and EOS on our platform. Our cryptocurrency committee will exam the SLT project to check if it is compatible with our platform’s standards. After a positive result, we will implement SLT as well.


As you know, we introduce two new cryptocurrencies which gained more than 1000 votes and are in a 1-2 position in the ranking. Every voting lasts for 4 weeks. Due to your high activity, we are changing the rules! From now on, we will implement cryptocurrencies which will acquire more than 1200 votes over four weeks.

Vote for your favorite cryptocurrencies in “vote for a new cryptocurrency”!