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Safex Token enters on CoinDeal

We are honored to introduce a new cryptocurrency to our exchange platform. Please, welcome…

...Safex Token (SFT)!

Safex has three different cryptocurrencies. Safex Cash (SFX) took the second place in the 9th voting. It is available on our exchange on the SFX/BTC market. Safex Token, similar to SFX, finished on the second position in the 10th voting, so we’ve added it to CoinDeal exchange.

Check out, who, right now, is leading the 12th voting in our “vote for a new cryptocurrency” system. You can vote for your favorite coin.

SFT was released to encourage the community to finance and support the creation of the Safex Market. Once the marketplace is open, the Safex Tokens will earn a profit in the form of Safex Cash from every transaction on the network.

The company responsible for the Safex System has even bigger plans. These Safex Tokens will be necessary for the future. Safex Token Holders will benefit from a share of the Safex Cash during the launch of the Safex Blockchain.

On our platform, you can purchase Safex Token with Bitcoin on the SFT/BTC market. Go now, buy SFT and transfer it to your wallet.