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Last chance to win 1 Million ECA!

You still have some time to enter our competition!

Don’t miss your chance to win ECA!

ElectraCoin is a new cryptocurrency on CoinDeal. It was added to the exchange around two weeks ago as a result of online voting. Now, you can join others and trade it with a significant number of ECA to start with!

The contest started on October 19th, at 13:00 but you still have time to enter the competition till November 9th.

Now a quick reminder of the offered prices:/p>

  • 1st place - 500 000 ECA
  • 2nd place - 250 000 ECA
  • 3rd place - 130 000 ECA
  • 4th place - 60 000 ECA
  • 5th place - 26 000 ECA
  • 6th place - 14 000 ECA
  • 7th place - 10 000 ECA
  • 8th place - 5 000 ECA
  • 9th place - 3 000 ECA
  • 10th place - 2 000 ECA

The complete prize pool is 1,000,000 Electra!

We remind you that you have to be a registered and fully verified user to enter the competition. The winner will be chosen by the trading volume on ECA/BTC You should also read the regulations before entering.

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