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How to earn with CoinDeal?

Our exchange is not only a platform for digital asset trading but also a friendly space to increase your capital. The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction. That's why we want to tell you about all the possibilities of earning money on CoinDeal.

Get free CoinDeal Crypto Card and claim 20 CDL Tokens!

Have you ever wanted to pay by crypto in the shop, but you didn't know how? Are you tired of converting crypto to FIATs every time? We are coming with a great solution! From March, you can do a pre-order of our CoinDeal Crypto Card, with which you will be able to pay anywhere, for everything, using every cryptocurrency from your CoinDeal wallet. 

The card gives you many possibilities like paying with crypto everywhere, without exchanging it to FIATs, withdrawing your cash from ATMs, easy access to managing your funds on your wallet, and the special discounts if you have CDL Tokens. What's more, by pre-ordering you will get 20 extra CDL Tokens for start. 

Choose new crypto that will join our exchange!

Voting is a unique event –  the exchange allows its users to choose new crypto. From the beginning of 2020, voting is taking place under completely new rules. 

The first step that users have to take is nominating their favorite cryptocurrency in the appropriate CoinDeal Twitter post. After closing the nominations, we are selecting the TOP10 of the most interesting projects to put them in our voting. 

Once the voting has started, users can cast one vote every 24 hours for one of the currencies. For each vote, users will receive CDL Tokens in proportion to all votes cast. 

In total, out of all three votings, you could receive CDL Tokens from a pool of 320 000 worth almost $10 000. The votings were attended by more than 3500 people, who could get up to 670 CDL Tokens, worth around $21.

Stake your coin and get an easy return! 

By staking CDL Token, the equivalent of up to 11% will be returned to you in the form of your chosen currency: CDL, BTC, or USDT.

Staking, which is storing cryptocurrencies by blocking coins in your wallet for a fixed period, to get more profits, appeared on 19th March on CoinDeal. To start, you need to have at least 1000 CDL in your wallet as this is the minimum amount of tokens you can stake, and the maximum length of time to stake is one year. Besides, you can get an extra 30 CDL Tokens for your first staking.

Join Affiliate Program, invite friends, and earn together! 

Joining our Affiliate Program is very easy. All you have to do is to invite your friends and acquaintances to our exchange. This will earn you commissions on their transactions! 

You need to do four steps: register and verified on CoinDeal, copy your unique referral link from the Affiliate Program Panel, send the link to your friends and earn 20% from a fee on every transaction made by them. What is more, you will also get the fee from users invited from the people you invite.

Additionally, by inviting 100 people to join, you can reduce your trading fees to 0.2% (maker) and 0.3% (taker) and you get the second level of 4% earnings if your friends will start inviting! So your profit will double. 

Be ready for special promotions and actions!

From time to time we conduct special actions, thanks to which you can receive additional tokens from various projects. Recently, you have been able to get up to 150 BBD Tokens in our Bot Referral Action for only creating the account. Additionally, for inviting new users to CoinDeal, you could earn from the pool od 1 500 000 BBD Tokens and 0.15 BTC! The more people you invited the more you will get!

There are also many competitions in our social media, where you can receive additional CDL Tokens and even win mainly prizes in BTC or USD. 

Follow us to be lively and not miss out on opportunities.