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The Day has come – play on the DEMO derivatives platform!

You can already use our latest free platform DEMO CoinDeal Derivatives. This is where you will learn everything you need to be ready for a real game on the derivatives market.

We provide the opportunity to try trading with a fictitious capital 1 BTC on a BTC/USD pair, and in a few days' time also BTC/PLN and in the future BTC/KRW and BTC/EUR. Learn everything before you invest - education is paramount!

The first stage of our competition is already finished and the first prize will soon go to the winners. We're just counting points. If you have not managed to take part in it, there is nothing lost. Everyone can enter the second stage of the game now.

More fun, more learning, more opportunities, and more rewards.

How to start the real game?

Enter the CoinDeal Derivatives platform here and create an account with a few clicks. DEMO version does not require KYC and no documents to be sent.
Each participant starts with 1 fictional Bitcoin and it's up to you how you use it and play on BTC/USD.

How does it work in a few words?

  1. Think about whether the BTC price will go up or down.
  2. Create your order for the buy if up and sell if down.
  3. Wait until there is someone willing to take the order.
  4. Observe the resulting position enjoying your earnings or your losses.

Ready to play with us?