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Bitcoin Cash – HARD FORK

Important information: we have temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals of…

...Bitcoin Cash!

As you know, on November 15h one of the most popular cryptocurrencies is going to be hard forked.
What does it mean?
The hard fork is a moment of the split of crypto’s blockchain in which new, going in parallel blockchain is created. Mostly it happens to upgrade the software. If part of the programmers favours the old blockchain, but the other part prefers the new one - both chains become approved. That’s how it happened with Bitcoin hard fork in 2017 when Bitcoin Cash was created. Some programmers sticked to Bitcoin, while some preferred bigger sized Bitcoin Cashed.

Bitcoin Cash on CoinDeal

This time, the hard fork is to happen on Bitcoin Cash on November 15th. As this cryptocurrency is available on our cryptocurrency exchange platform, we have to temporarily suspend deposits and withdrawals of BCH until the end of the

Apologies for the inconvenience,
CoinDeal Team.