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Basketball 3×3: the highest prize pool in Europe!

Almost 100,000 PLN (around $27,000) is the prize pool in street basketball tournament, which is to take place on September 15th in Wrocław, Poland.

The games in the center of Wrocław – on Solny Square – will attract the strongest teams in Poland. The participation in the tournament, among others, was just confirmed by the Polish Champions and, at the same time, the 4th team of the World Championships. The best team in Feel the Bit! tournament will get Bitcoin – which is about 25,000 polish złotych.

The second and the third team, the winner of the competition of dunks and throws for three points, will share another bitcoin. The tournament is not for everyone; the best teams will be selected to ensure the highest possible level of the competition. There will be only 12 teams, and the verification process will be carried out after the evaluation of the teams and their players, after consulting with the professionals from the basketball industry. – It’s supposed to be ‘sweat, blood and tears’ – like in the real street basketball, where there are no friends or colleagues. There is only you, the basket and the prize – says Kajetan Maćkowiak, one of the co-founders of CoinDeal, the main sponsor of the tournament. The tournament has aroused interest before any official announcement about the possible date of the event, and teams have learned about it by word of mouth.


Feel The Bit is the first such a tournament, but it is intended to become a cycle of events on the map not only of Poland but also of Europe. – We want such actions to show that Wrocław, despite the recent weaker moment, is the capital of Polish basketball. That’s why our partner is Śląsk Wrocław, the basketball team. Several coincidentes led to the situation that Adam Wójcik’s memorial will be played at the same time, and this still strengthens the image of Wrocław as a city that lives with basketball. Two important and with high-visibility events tournaments at one time, it’s so cool – ads Kajetan Maćkowiak.

There are also additional attractions for basketball fans as well as the participants. Including, a contest of dunks, a charity contest of the throws for three points, in which they will take part, among others, Maciej Zieliński, Jerzy Binkowski and Adrian Kryński, better known as Sitek – rapper, the idol of the younger generation. Fans will have the chance to win the Bitcoin in the Blind Shot competition – a half-pitch shot with blindfolded eyes – the formula known from the NBA. There is also a surprise waiting for fans; a virtual basketball game in the form of gaming stations with the latest version of the NBA 2K19 game. The event will be hosted by well-known in Wrocław Waldemar Kasta, a legendary rapper and one of the fathers of this genre of music in Poland./p>

The tournament starts at 11:00 a.m. and will last until 7:00 p.m.. More detailed information and schedule of the event can be found at and on Facebook. The main sponsor of the event is Coindeal, a company based in Wrocław, which is involved in sport very much – July was the month in which it was loud about the CoinDeal’s involvement in sponsoring Wolverhampton Wanderers, “the old gold and the new challenge” in the Premier League.

The most important details:

Date: 15/09/2018
Place: Wrocław, Solny Square
Hours: 11:00 – 19:00

Awards (All values are approximate due to the variable Bitcoin rate):
1st place – 1 Bitcoin (6951 USD)
2nd place – 0.4 Bitcoin (2781 USD)
3rd place – 0.2 Bitcoin (1389 USD)

Blind Shot – 1 Bitcoin (6951 USD)
Contest competition – 0.4 Bitcoin (2781 USD)

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