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EXPERIENCE POINTS available to trade!

As we promised, the cryptocurrency which won in the third voting - Experience Points (XP), is ready to trade!

You voted for this cryptocurrency over 1000 times! That’s why,in accordance with “vote for a new cryptocurrency system” we are introducing it to our cryptocurrency exchange platform - CoinDeal.

From 16.05. you can trade XP in pair with BTC. It has been 17th cryptocurrency implemented on our platform and ready to trade since the start of CoinDeal.

Experience Points (XP) is a cryptocurrency dedicated to gamers who can earn XP by playing video games, doing sports or education. Then the gathered cryptocurrency can be spent at participating vendors. Among with sudden increase of BTC’s exchange price in December 2017, Experience Points reached its highest exchange rate at the beginning of January 2018 with a score of $0,005250.

Meanwhile, we want to remind you that there is still one week left to vote for next cryptocurrencies which will be implemented on CoinDeal. For now, the biggest rivalry is between Monero (XMR) and BitcoinToken (BTK). These two cryptocurrencies are very close to achieve the level of 1000 votes. At the same time we would like to remind you about a new pair of cryptocurrencies available on the platform; FTO/EUR and SHND/XRP.

Remember about voting in our voting system and enjoy trading with Experience Points!