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New crypto on CoinDeal!

BBD listed soon!

BBD/BTC market will be launch on CoinDeal on Tuesday 14th April! 

BBD is the exchange token of BBOD (Blockchain Board of Derivatives) is a non-custodial, multi-asset cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform. Their purpose is to democratize trading to anyone by empowering our clients with direct market access to cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, stocks, forex, treasuries, and ETFs.

BBD Token Utility:

Fee Discounts: Users pay reduced trading fees on the TUSD-settled futures market based on their BBD balance and daily trading volume. Staking tokens slows down the velocity of the coin and increases its value.
Trading competition: traders taking part in trading competitions need to buy BBD tokens, they will be rewarded in BBD tokens, they will have access to further levels by holding BBD tokens, etc.
Collateral: BBD is used as collateral for margined positions on the BBD-settled futures market (eg. BTC/BBD perpetual contract)

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