What makes us trustworthy?

CoinDeal has been established in March 2018, though the preparations started several months earlier in August 2017. During that time, the founding fathers of CoinDeal have already had plenty of experience in the crypto world. This includes the creation of in May 2017 – an online service allowing purchasing BTC via credit cards.

It was a constant growth ever since and right now we have a team of around 50 people working on making our exchange platform the best possible place to trade.

One of the greatest achievements that we are proud of, was to sign a sponsorship deal with Wolverhampton FC. At the time, this was a one of a kind partnership between the Premier League team and crypto-related company.

What you may not necessarily know, is that the Wolves deal was not our only appearance in the world of sports. We were behind Damian Grabowski’s team in his KSW fight against Karol Bedorf.

Yet another initiative to promote sport on our part, was to organize a 3 vs 3 Streetball tournament in the center of Wrocław. Everything was there – sweat, blood and a blind-folded 3-point shot worth 1 BTC!

As every real ‘crypto-head’ should, we traveled around the world to attend as many blockchain related events as possible.

Consensus NY (14th – 16th of May 2018, New York)

Delta Summit (3rd – 5th of October 2018, Malta)

Blockchain Solutions World (16th – 18th of October 2018, Barcelona)

Crypto Invest Summit (22nd – 24th of October 2018, Los Angeles)

Malta Blockchain Summit (1st – 2nd of November 2018, Malta)

C3 Crypto Conference (27th-28th of March 2019, Berlin)

Security Token Summit (8th of April 2019, Los Angeles)

Crypto Invest Summit (9th-10th of April 2019, Los Angeles)

Crypto Valley Conference (24th – 26th of June 2019, Zug)

London Blockchain Summit (26th – 27th of June 2019, London)

Delta Summit (2nd – 4th of October 2019, Malta)

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit (7th – 8h of November 2019, Malta)

The North American Bitcoin Conference (January 2020, Miami, USA)

Leaving the promotion and our media presence aside, we take great care to do our business ‘by the book’. We work with major financial controllers to increase our credibility. We are registered with FinCEN (institution that collects and analyzes information about financial transactions) in USA and our MSB number is: 31000146609933.

Also, it took us around 18 months to finish the process and acquire the VQF membership in Switzerland (license number 100610). It allows us to officially run a business there as CoinDeal Swiss. While not a part of our core activity right now, it opens new doors and possibilities for us.

Another important part of our daily business, and our core value at the same time, is security. To be absolutely sure that situations like private key losses, programming errors or system failures are inconceivable, 90% of funds are stored OFFLINE. This means they are out of reach for the computer system. For the funds’ storage, we use multi-signature addresses with five keyholders, whereas 3 of them are needed to move the funds.

We are all for transparency, hence we do not mind sharing our BTC wallet address and its history. You can find it here. And while you are at it, feel free to check our page on CoinMarketCap too!

Last but not least, we are the first crypto exchange to allow users to report risky/suspicious wallet addresses within blockchain. We do it in cooperation with market leader in RegTech – Coinfirm.