What are the key features of CoinDeal?

Native SegWit address support. Unlike other platforms, we allow depositing funds on Bech32 address. We are contributing to lightning Bitcoin network. We are doing everything to make your resources safer and transactions quicker.

Many cryptocurrencies. CoinDeal will introduce new cryptos systematically basing on the community’s feedback. We don’t want to create just a cryptocurrency exchange platform; we want to build a unique community.

100% uptime. Our service is fully operational 24/7. Users can be sure they will have an open access to their money all the time. You’ll always be up to date with the best opportunities the market may bring you.

Ultimate transparency. You don’t have to worry about lack of funds to make your payouts. We secure your payouts by having our contribution in cryptocurrencies. You can check the account balance of our cryptocurrency exchange platform anytime you want.

Real time auditing. We perform time checks to make sure that every coin is in the right place. Without the risk of double funds.

Company accounts. Arms wide open for corporate users. Doing the online exchange business has never been so comfortable. We are aware of the differences between private account and the business one. That’s why we have created a type of an account which is adjusted to running your company, to make it easier for you.

24/7 Support. CoinDeal has 24/7 professional support which is always happy to answer your questions. We won’t let you wait for a week to get an answer!