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How does Identity Verification Process look like?

Verification process is done through automated system and, while it normally takes few minutes to complete, in rare cases it may take a couple of days (in case of the manual verification needed). This is often caused by unreadable documents that were provided.

Therefore, to make sure your application is processed automatically, please make sure that you:

  • use your legal name and surname
  • use your full, current address
  • take picture of you and your ID clear and readable
  • check if you pictures are well-lit

To process identity verification you will be requested to upload:

  1. scans of both sides of your ID card or passport
  2. identity verification photo (picture of you, the account owner, with your ID held in one hand)
  3. proof of residential address - it's best to submit a picture of formal mail (note, bank statement, bills) with your name and address
  4. selfie (photo of you) with a piece of paper with current date and signature

Please remember to pay attention to the quality of the image and visibility of all the details.

Your face and the ID should be clearly detectable and any text, numbers or photos on the ID card must be readable and not covered by fingers.

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