Acceptable Documents for Level 2 Verification

To upgrade to level Intermediate, you are required to fill out the AML questionnaire posted on our platform. Additionally, in order to confirm the address given in the profile, you will be asked to send the utility bill and official correspondence from your bank. Below you will find examples of documents which we accept.

As a utility bill we accept:

  • Bill for electricity, water, gas or waste.
  • Bill for TV or the internet.
  • Documents from an insurance agency.
  • Documents issued by an official government institution (not a driving license).

In the case of bills issued under the parent’s name, they can be accepted if the user provides us with a document confirming parenthood. It is also possible to accept a utility bill issued under the name of the owner of the property. To do so, the user will need to provide the current rental agreement with the owner of the property. The name of the owner’s name must appear on both documents.

As a document issued by the bank we accept:

  • Official correspondence with the bank.
  • Confirmation of the transfer on which you appear as a sender.
  • Bank statement.
  • Document confirming the issuance or usage of a credit card.

Keep in mind:

  • Document needs to be issued under the owner of CoinDeal account name.
  • We do not accept screenshots.
  • The address information must be the same as the one entered in the profile.
  • Document needs to have an issue date and it cannot be older than three months.
  • Document must be fully visible (not cut, cropped, folded or blurred).
  • We do not accept documents filled manually.

If you receive a rejection letter but the reason of unacceptable is unclear to you or you are sure that you have sent us a proper document, please contact our Support Team and we will double check your documents as well as provide you with a more specific reason for rejection.