Staking – what it is?

Staking stands for storing cryptocurrencies by blocking coins in your wallet for a fixed period of time for the sake of earning some interest. Commission you will be rewarded with depends on how much and how long you are staking. The longer the length of time and the bigger the amount, the higher your returns!

Staking on CoinDeal

CoinDeal has prepared a wealth of possibilities for our CDL holders interested in staking. Anyone blocking their funds for as little as 72 hours will get 30 CDL additionally for an easy start! By freezing your CDL tokens, you will earn commissions in CDL, BTC, or USDT, depending on your choice. The earnings can go as high as 11% on an annual basis!

How do I start?

In order to start, you need to have at least 1000 CDL in your wallet as this is the minimum amount of tokens you can stake. Once you have an appropriate amount at your disposal, block the fund for at least 72 hours. Remember, you will not have access to your coins during the 72-hour period. Nonetheless, you will be capable of unblocking your coins at any given moment after that. Your reward in the crypto of your choice will be added to your wallet right away. The maximum length of time to a stake is 1 year. Once it is over, your earnings will be paid out automatically and you will be able to stake your funds for the upcoming year once again.

How much will I earn?

Being staked, your tokens are working on you every single second! The percentage of interest you gain differs for every available crypto you can choose as a reward. For now, you can earn commissions in CDL, BTC, or USDT. But the best part is, it is easy to calculate how much you will earn before even starting! Staking with CoinDeal really pays you off.

How is the percentage calculated?

Staking coins is not vague anymore. By knowing the value of the tokens at the moment of stacking, you can easily find out how much benefit you can derive from it afterward. All is due to the fact that we so-called ‘freeze the value’ of your CDL tokens at the moment of staking so you do not need to worry about the price of the coin on the market. Whether the price takes off or drops down rapidly, you are sure to receive your earnings you calculated before the start.

What are the fees?

CoinDeal does not take any fees out of your rewards.