Why is my CoinDeal page not working properly?

You can log in to using a whole variety of devices and browsers. We also have a mobile-friendly version of our platform. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties though, please log in on Google Chrome web browser with which CoinDeal is the most compatible. Be aware that some browsers operate in a way AdBlock operates which may result in technical problems while registration and/or verification process.

For the best user experience, please switch off such in-browser plugins as a translator (please choose one of the available options we have on our website), Ad-block or other ones which can possibly impede the normal functioning of a web page. Clearing cache & cookies will also help your browser run more smoothly. It is also worth trying logging in through Incognito mode. The instruction can be found here: Browse in private

If you have followed all the tips mentioned above but the problem still persists, please contact our Support Team for well-informed advice.