How to go through ID verification smoothly?

After verifying your phone number, you will be able to proceed with the verification process by clicking VERIFY YOUR ID button on your main Profile page.

You will see information about the files you will need to upload/create in the few following steps (1. high-quality pictures of your ID card/passport; 2. a short video of you (owner of the account) following a given instruction), please accept the requirements by clicking “I UNDERSTAND AND CONFIRM”.

Please wait while the verification system is loading. It may take up to a few minutes.

  • Please choose an appropriate type of document you are going to upload. You can use only a legal document issued by the authority of your country. Documents manipulated in any way may result in NOT completing the verification process or even the user being blocked on our trading platform.

Scanning both sides of your ID card is essential. If you do not have photos prepared in advance, do not forget to allow access to your camera, otherwise, you will not be able to use it. Make sure that your camera is capable of producing high-quality pictures and videos. Before sending any pictures into the system, double-check whether all the details are visible, well-lit and not covered by fingers. You can retake as many pictures as you want.

  • After your ID card is successfully uploaded into the system, please proceed with a video. Familiarize yourself with the instruction, following it is essential for quick and smooth verification! You will also see the instruction right above the video window once you started recording, so you won’t be lost.

Instructions on how to correctly take a video for external verification system are as follows:

  • Your face is the most important subject of the video. Make sure you are close enough to a camera, your face is well-lit and not shadowed.
  • Do not try to hide any part of your face.
  • Prepare your ID as you will be asked to hold it in the end. Hold it yourself.

Please watch the video you have recorded before sending. If it does not meet the requirement, record it once again. Remember, you are the only one who can speed up your own verification by uploading proper files!

Keep in mind that it is possible to go back to any step before submitting it all. Once you submitted though, it is not possible to reverse the action. You will have to wait for an e-mail with feedback on the files you submitted. Be informed that your documents are being verified automatically by an external verification system and our Support Team cannot speed it up. Exceptionally though, if the status of your verification is constantly in progress (for more than 12 hours), please contact us.

If after a few minutes you still cannot see the service, there are a few things you can do for better user experience:

  • use a laptop instead of a phone in order to complete a verification process
  • use a laptop with Windows operating system
  • log in on Google Chrome web browser with which CoinDeal is the most compatible
  • switch off such in-browser plugins as translator (please choose one of available options we have on our website), Ad block or other ones which can possibly impede normal functioning of a web page
  • clear cache & cookies
  • try logging in through Incognito mode (private browsing)

Every time you refresh the page, it is counted as 1 attempt to go through ID verification. Your attempts are limited to 4 times per day. Therefore, you are advised to try on a different device rather than refreshing your page multiple times.