How can I make my account more secure?

CoinDeal treats security as a top priority. In case you are not certain of the security of your account, reach out to our Support Team. Please remember that CoinDeal Team staff will never ask for your password.

However, there are a few steps which can help you to protect your account:

  • use complex (at least 8 digits long, containing lower and upper cases and special characters i.e. ! & @ * #). and unique password (which was not used before on the other websites, also avoid using similar words). Additionally, it is recommended to change the password regularly.
  • secure your email – do not open unknown links or websites to avoid hackers’ attacks. Remember to use a different password for an email and CoinDeal account.
  • use reliable and up to date Antivirus & Firewall software
  • while being in public places, always use reliable and trusted network. The best solution is to use your own mobile data