Does CoinDeal have an API?

Yes, CoinDeal does have an API.
You can find more details about the API via the link available on your profile page or you can simply click here.
If you are looking for API Documentation follow this link:

Frequently asked questions on API:

1. What do I need to do to use the API?

  • Make sure your account is fully verified
  • Create a pair of public and private keys. First public and private key you can generate here
  • Click button “Create a new pair of keys” to generate your keys
  • Write down your private key in order to authenticate when using API
  • Follow the instructions from API documentation: here.

Sample cURL:
curl -X POST \ \
-H ‘content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ \
-d ‘symbol=BCNBTC&side=sell&quantity=1&price=0.00000017’

2. How can I authenticate to use the API?
Type of Authorization: Basic Auth
Basic base64_encode(username:password)
username = public key
password = private key
First public and private key you can generate here.
Example of encoded authorization header:
Key: Authorization
Value: Basic NzY5YTyho0mItMmJlOC00YjYzLW52jk09sFhZmU0MjYyYmU3Mw==
Once you get authenticated you can generate new pairs of keys via API POST method on the endpoint: /api/v1/credentials

3. Where can I access public ticker data on for example market the last price for all currency pairs?
You can access it through this public endpoint:
Endpoint: /ticker
Method: GET
This function provides public tick data. This information offers a high level overview of the current statistics of all markets available at CoinDeal exchange.

What you will get in return:
On success, it returns an array with status code 200
On error, it returns an empty array with status code 500

4. Are there any restrictions on the part of your stock exchange for arbitrage trading with cryptocurrency?
No restrictions are applied.

5. For my bot to work, a large number of transactions entering and leaving the cryptocurrency will be required daily. Is it possible on CoinDeal?
Yes, it is possible. We are there to advise and help in case you’d face any issues. Contact us on with the title ‘API’.

6. Is there any limit for API requests per second?
Yes, there is a limitation on requests per IP up to 80 requests per second.

7. Is it possible to remove restrictions for the API used privately (the number of non-blocking requests per minute)?
The limit is 80 requests per second, but if you require more, contact our support. We will check if in the given use case we can extend it.

8. I see also that only one pair is allowed per request in /api/v1/public/orderbook/ endpoint. Is there a way to query multiple pairs (or all) in a single request? And where to get a list of all available pairs?
For current prices and additional public statistic data on all available pairs, you can use our public ticker endpoint as referred in point no. 3 mentioned above.

9. Do you have an endpoint to check currencies with withdrawal fees and wallet status?
Wallet status is also available under public ticker endpoint but indeed we do not have endpoint providing current withdrawal fees. We are working on adding it to our roadmap of features, but in the meantime, you can always check current fees here.