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Documents requested for verification of company account

To get your company account verified you will be requested to send us the following:

  • Company Shareholder Statement
  • Document enlisting all individuals / units that are entitled to the right to represent the company (if not mentioned in Company Shareholder Statement)
  • Proofs of addresses for all individuals eligible to represent the company. More on acceptable utility bills can be found here: Acceptable Utility Bill for Level 3 Verification
  • Proof of the company residential address
  • Personal identification documents and selfies with passports/IDs for all persons eligible to represent the company

Keep in mind that all mentioned above documents should not be older than 3 months and have a date of issue on it. We would also appreciate you sending us documents in English. If the original of your documents is in one of the following languages: Polish, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian and German, it also can be accepted. Sending us documents in any other language though can prolong and complicate the process.

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