Why is my deposit not available in my CoinDeal wallet yet?

Please remember that status “accepted” or “confirmed” does not always mean that a transaction has been sent from the platform you are using. Your operation can be “confirmed” meaning that it passed the internal validity checks, but was not released to the blockchain yet and, therefore, it cannot be completed.

To be sure that your transaction has been released to the blockchain, use blockchain explorer, appropriate for the particular crypto. You can find the list of most common block explorers here. Use your CoinDeal wallet address to search the block explorer for the most recent transaction. You can determine if your funds have been sent if the date and the amount match your transfer. Also, keep in mind that the transaction needs a certain amount of confirmations to be booked on our exchange.

If you see only old operations or ones with the different amounts, it would mean that the transaction you are waiting for has not been sent from the sending platform. In that case, we encourage you to contact their support to find out about the current status of your payout.