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Zcash now available on CoinDeal!

After winning the vote, ZEC has come to the exchange

Zcash (ZEC) is a currency, which won the 17th voting on CoinDeal and thanks to this is now available on our exchange. ZEC was created in 2016 before it was known as Zerocoin.

ZCash is using the cryptographic method, which is providing full privacy to the user. In this way, they analyze various protocols that prevent third persons from reading any private data. Like Bitcoin, ZEC has two types of transactions: private and public. You can decide which wallet to choose for this cryptocurrency: t-addr (public) or z-addr (private).

ZEC is decentralized and opened crypto, which provides selectivity of the transaction. Of course, all payments are booked in blockchain, but the sender, the recipient and the amount of the transaction remain hidden. Due to such large data encryption, Zcash uses a cryptographic method called zk-SNARK.

New Zcash coins are created in a process called mining. It was assumed that by 2032 all of them will have been mined, and there are 21 million of them.

Check out the ZEC/BTC market and trade with us!