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Staking available in two days!

Stake 1000 CDL Tokens and get a reward

As we announced last time, this Thursday (19th March), the latest feature on CoinDeal will be launched.

Staking is a good investment with a great interest rate. Our offer is very flexible, lasts from 3 days to 365 days and can be stopped at any time.

That is why we present you with the possibility of staking CDL Tokens. What do you have to do? Not much, in a very simple way. Stake a minimum of 1000 CDL Tokens to get rewards in one of your chosen currencies: CDL, BTC or USDT. Earn even up to 11% per year.
What is also worth mentioning, as an exchange, we have introduced one of the highest interest rates, which is up to three times higher than the offers of other platforms.

The total pot available for all users to stake is 10,000,000 CDL Tokens, after that number the function will be unavailable until someone unfreezes their funds.

Remember, just enter the amount of CDL Tokens you want to stake and choose the currency in which you want to get the reward. You will be able to check how much you would earn if you had chosen more days. The minimum time to stake your funds is 72 hours.

When you stop staking, the prize and your funds will immediately return to your wallet.

It’s a very simple way to earn some money and it will available on CoinDeal on Thursday!