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An additional security of your account on CoinDeal!

The security of our users is a priority for us, that’s why we have decided to implement...

...Secure IP Whitelist!

In upcoming days in order to log in to your account on CoinDeal you will have to verify your IP address and add it to the list of trusted addresses called “Whitelist”. Thanks to doing that, bystanders using the IP address which isn’t on your list, won’t get the access to your account even with the correct password. Every user manages his own “Whitelist” due to standards we write about below.

The whitelist is a database of verified IP addresses using a certain network (f.e. Wi-Fi, cell network), from a certain device (f.e. smartphone, laptop) and certain Internet browser (f.e. Chrome, Firefox). ".

How to add your IP address?

Current users

The first login for verified users requires adding a current IP address to the Whitelist. The system sends the verification code on the email address assigned to the account. After inputting the code, the user will be asked to write his/her Google Authenticator code. If the code isn’t correct, the user won’t be able to use the functionalities of the exchange platform. After completing described above path, the currently used IP is going to be put on the Whitelist. You can add more than one IP to the Whitelist.

New users

The process of the verification of IP will be done along with the registration of a new account. After the full verification of your account, you can add more than one IP to the Whitelist. !

Be aware:

1. The added IPs are associated with the device and browser that were used when adding it to Whitelist. 2. After removing HTTP cookies, you will have to add your IP address again.