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CoinDeal on Trade & Economy Forum in Switzerland

We are on the First Forum on The Integration of Global Barter Trade & Economy in Switzerland.

We got an invitation to attend the First Forum on The Integration of Global Barter Trade & Economy in Davos (Switzerland) which will be centered along the lines of Blockchain & The Security Token Offering (STO) Framework.

These high-level events are jointly hosted by the World Digital Economic Organization (WDEO) (China) and TAO China Zentrum Schweiz (TCZS) (Switzerland). The parties/organizations who are invited to the event are such as WorldBank, Bank of Switzerland, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Central Bankers, Government Representatives, Former President of Canada, Italy and South Korea, and other many other political figures and economists.

Adam Bicz, Co-Founder of CoinDeal, will take part in the Forum. We look forward to inspiring meetings and substantive discussions!

The Forum aims to act as a knowledge exchange hub pertaining to several issues concerning the future business and trade model, how to develop the world economic system in an integrated manner to empower the industrial manufacturers to grow along with the development of the digital technology globally.

We will have in-depth discussions about the future of the commercial trade system and the development of the world economic system integration. The aim is to jointly promote mutual trade between individual countries, in order to enable industrial manufacturers all over the world to realize global barter trade of their own products between each country by application of accompanying digital technology.