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Advanced trading on CoinDeal

In our previously published news, we informed that none of the cryptocurrencies won the voting. This time, we have some positive news for you.

Pro Chart Tools

To improve trading on CoinDeal - the cryptocurrency exchange platform, our team presents some tools that are useful for both, experienced and beginning traders.

From now, on every cryptocurrency chart, you can find a button which will allow you to use the “Pro Chart Tools.” Thanks to them you will be able to carry out technical analysis. It will not only simplify getting information about the current trend but it will also help you predict further possible actions on the market and plan a strategy.

Among others, we give at your disposal tools to conduct trend analysis like Support and Resistance technique, Pivot Points or Fibonacci levels. We also offer a vast choice of different indicators and Wave analysis.

Try new tools now on the currently the most popular market on CoinDeal: ETH/BTC.