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X12 on CoinDeal!

We can proudly announce that the next cryptocurrency - X12 is now available to trade on CoinDeal. It is paired with BTC.

X12 is a cryptocurrency which won in 4th voting in our “vote for a new cryptocurrency” program with over 5 thousand votes. The mission of that coin is to be an untraceable and private currency. At the same time, creators took care to reduce the complexity of X12 to make it available to use for everyone. X12 coin is based on a Proof-of-work algorithm. Check the project’s website here.

At the same time, we would like to inform that second cryptocurrency which won in 4th voting - BitcoinToken, will be implemented very soon. Remember to vote for your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Start trading with X12 on CoinDeal, because this is the right place!