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Winner of 4th voting – X12 and BitcoinToken

Another month of voting has just finished. It was 4th voting in a row. We are more than happy to announce the results!

This time there is not only one winner. We have two champions!

X12 and BitcoinToken

In this voting, two cryptocurrencies reached the minimum amount of votes to win in our “vote for new cryptocurrencies” program. In the first place, there is X12 (X12) with 5194 votes. The mission of that coin is to be an untraceable and private currency. At the same time, creators took care to reduce the complexity of X12 to make it available to use for everyone. In the second place, there is BitcoinToken (BTK). This cryptocurrency is based on peer-to-peer technology and ran by the community. The mission of developers was to create a cryptocurrency which would provide transactions faster than Bitcoin, with lower fees as well.

The chosen cryptocurrencies will be implemented and ready to trade on CoinDeal within 3 weeks. The end of 4th voting also means that we are starting 5th one! That’s why don’t forget to vote for another month! As a reminder - 2 cryptocurrencies which will reach the minimum amount of votes (1000), will be implemented on CoinDeal. We have also decided not to reset the votes which have already been gathered!

In 3rd voting, the winner was Experience Points (XP) and is already ready to trade. Go and check it yourself!

Important reminder! As we announced, we have decided to remove the pair SHND/BTC and replace it with SHND/XRP to give you even better experience from trading with StrongHands cryptocurrency. That’s why all SHND traders should cancel their offers on SHND/BTC pair and active them on SHND/XRP pair.

We wish you a happy trading!