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The Game CoinDeal is over!

Our partner - CoinDeal Derivatives - has ended both stages of their The Game competition. 

The first part of The Game consisted of inviting as many people as possible to register on the website and share information on their social media. 

Here's the list of 1st stage winners: 

  • 1A3JGE  with the score of 15,415 points
  • 1A5H2N  with the score of  12,565 points
  • 1A4V17  with the score of 10, 855 points
  • 1A78FC  with the score of  7,315 points
  • 1A1MYP with the score of 7,295 points
  • 1A87NB with the score od 7,190 points
  • 1A0Q0F with the score od 7,090 points
  • 1A4FZP with the score od 6,475 points
  • 1A6BM0 with the score od 6,335 points
  • 1A8F03 with the score od 5,815 points

We would like to point out that for the sake of personal data protection, we only provide the user ID. All winners were contacted personally by e-mail. 

And now what everyone has been waiting for - the winners of the main competition. From the Trading competition we have selected 10 participants who will receive prizes from us: 

  1. Ewelina13
  2. szosti94
  3. manialimohamadi
  4. manixgm07
  5. tinker061
  6. marekzamor
  7. xuanhuyen0956768
  8. jerryelcarinozo46
  9. LehitoPL
  10. LSerrano219

All the winners will be informed about this by e-mail. The prizes will be distributed within 3 weeks after contacting the winners.  We would like to thank you for participating in our event. We hope that you, like us, are looking forward to the launch of the LIVE CoinDeal Derivatives platform. 

The real LIVE platform will appear soon. Registering on it will not require you to go through KYC or send any additional documents for verification.

Trade with us!