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Results of 8th voting on CoinDeal

After the unsuccessful 7th voting, we have two winners of 8th voting. And the winners are…

… Electra and Electroneum!

The 1st place was taken by Electra. It broke the record with the amount of votes - 3154. The second place belongs to Electroneum with the amount of 1563 votes. Both cryptocurrencies significantly exceeded the required number of votes. What's more, the next two projects on the list also gathered the needed amount of votes so they have pretty high chances to win in the 9th voting in our “vote for a new cryptocurrency” system.

Electra (ECA) is a cryptocurrency that works on “proof-of-stake” with an annual return of 50%. It’s driven by a community blockchain crypto based on the NIST5 algorithm. Electroneum (ETN) is a so-called “mobile cryptocurrency” which means that to mine it you have to use a mobile app. It also offers instant payments.

As usual, the winning cryptocurrencies will be implemented on CoinDeal - a cryptocurrency exchange platform, within four weeks from now.

At the same time, the 9th voting will start soon. Invite your friends to take part in our affiliate program and encourage them to vote for their favourite cryptocurrencies.