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New currency on CoinDeal

Get to know Photon Token and start trading!

We are pleased to announce that from today, you can trade the Photon (PHT) token on our platform. The PHT will be paired with Ethereum (ETH).

What exactly is the PHT token? It is the fuel of a new blockchain created by Lightstreams that has been designed for speed and privacy. Lightstreams’ is a 100% Ethereum compatible blockchain, optimized with the latest features to attract and empower developers of Decentralized Applications (DApps). DApps on Lightstreams run 50x faster at a fraction of the cost of the Ethereum main net.

In addition, Lightstreams comes with the Smart Vault, a decentralized data store that provides privacy controls for sharing and selling digital content. A missing feature that until now has limited mass DApp adoption.

After receiving the NYC Consensus Award in 2017 for their Proof of Concept (PoC), the Lightstreams team has completed development in July this year and launched the network. Very soon Lightstreams will launch Fanbase that will revolutionize the funding model for artists, powered by PHT tokens.

Features of Lightstreams:

  • Lightchain - A fast Ethereum-compatible blockchain that uses a Tendermint consensus mechanism. Transactions are 50x faster with near-instant settlement time (less than 3 seconds) ensuring DApps feel responsive without slow processing times.
  • Smart Vault - A decentralized data store that DApps can easily integrate for selling digital content (video, music, images) and where users’ personal data is protected and managed in a compliant manner (e.g. according to GDPA & CCPA regulations).
  • Freemium Pricing - Allows for the frictionless end-user experience of DApps. Users can begin interacting with their favorite apps without having any knowledge of cryptocurrency. This opens up new economic models where fees can be wholly paid by DApp creators.