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Meet our new advanced trading tools

What and how? Learn more about it!

What are we talking about, anyway? As an exchange some time ago we introduced the Galaxy Score device, which makes the decision easier: "What to do with your cryptocurrency?". This facility combines four statistics in which it evaluates: course, social impact, averaged sentiment and correlation. Analyzing these guidelines, he shows us whether it is worth buying, selling or stopping a currency. You will read more about it on our Facebook.

Galaxy Score is a tool for those who do not yet feel confident in analyzing the market situation. Now, however, we have also introduced an advanced device to analyze the market of given crypto, and what is interesting, we did it as the first exchange in the world!

The new version is now available for users in the PRO version of the exchange. This is an option for users who prefer to explore what is happening on the market and with the help of their analysis, decide to buy or sell a coin. Such an advanced trader will have access to many indicators that he will be able to analyze on his own.

First of all, you will have access to:

  • The statistics of a given coin, how the price changes, what are the price increases and decreases in real-time with particular emphasis on social behavior and the potential cause of price movements;
  • social media, which will show the latest information about a given crypto volume;
  • key indicators for assessing market moods, i.e. all social signals that can have a real impact on price and crypto value;
  • the history of given crypto and how it has changed.
  • analysis of recent activities, spam and overall satisfaction

Thanks to the tool trading on CoinDeal becomes even easier and more attractive. Try it out now!