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Changes are coming!

The new verification process on CoinDeal!

After reaching all the necessary regulations, we are already available for all traders in the United States of America. As a result, there is a process of many improvements and modifications to our exchange to improve the quality of trading on the platform.

The United States has a number of security specifications. As an exchange, we are committed to maintaining the highest security standards for all our users around the world. Due to that, we are changing the actual verification process. More on limits applied on each level can be found HERE .

IMPORTANT! New procedures will apply to ALL our users, both new ones and those already verified. Read till the end of the article to find out more about the steps you need to take to upgrade your account.


To get the basic access to our platform, you will be asked to go through national ID verification and provide us with information about your actual residential address.
Please click HERE to read more about how to go through the ID verification process smoothly.


To upgrade to this level, you are required to fill out the AML questionnaire posted on our platform and submit the following official documents:

  • a utility bill issued under your name and the address of residence you provided in STARTER.
  • a recent bank statement issued under your name and address;

HERE you can read more about the requirements for those documents

Keep in mind, the address of residence should be the same on both documents and should correspond with your actual address of living.
These documents cannot be older than 3 months, so the issue date should also be written on it.


Be informed that it differs for our individual and non-individual users.

For private accounts:
Passing this level will unleash the full potential of your account and it is literally a few steps away only!
You will have to:

  • contact our Support Team for a video verification;
  • provide us with your source of funds and source of wealth - HERE you can read more about it

For corporate accounts:
To finish your company verification process and get unlimited access to trading on our platform, please follow HERE .

What if my account was already fully verified?
You will stay on INTERMEDIATE tier till the 31st of December and you can still trade with no limits. We are giving you this time to provide us with missing documents needed to remain on this stage.