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Meet Aion – winner of voting!

We have the winner - Aion! 

Aion defeated everyone and became a winner in our 26th voting. 

ATTENTION! The rules of the game have changed - the voting now lasts two weeks and you can still get additional CDL Tokens from our pool of 60.000 CDL Tokens. 

For every vote, you get CDL Tokens from the 60,000 pool! Every vote earns and every vote matters. In total, out of all past votings, we gave away 440,000 CDL Tokens worth over $10.500. Votings were attended by more than 5000 users, who could get up to 900 CDL Tokens, worth around $31.

Let’s know more about our winner…

Aion Network builds on the Ethereum, all the freedom and freedom of creation and communication that public blockchains give, and at the same time brings to this jigsaw puzzle experience from the world of "Enterprise", the world of large companies, seeing what this technology lacks at the moment to take it to the next level and actually reach a wide range of users, but above all to open new gates for creators, entrepreneurs, and business innovators.

Part of the team and founders of the Aion Foundation (Matthew Spoke, Jin Tu, Kesem Frank) had previously worked for Deloitte among others, laying the foundations of the R&D department for blockchain (Rubix) there in early 2014. In 2016, they decided to set up the Nuco startup, which has completed several projects in this technology for corporate clients, to eventually transform into the Aion Foundation and focus 100% of their efforts on Aion project development.