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Let’s welcome GGC on CoinDeal!

Welcome two new markets on CoinDeal! From now on, you can trade GGC/USD and GGC/BTC! 

Global Game Coin is fully licensed, government-regulated, global and national online and offline lotteries with draw transparency via licensed True Random Number Generator. The maximum supply is 12,726,273.84 GGC. 

GGC gives its holders regular bonuses based on GG World ticket sales. The idea is brought to life in November 2019, when GG World Lottery is launched, bringing the players the biggest guaranteed $100 000 000 jackpot on the planet.

Features of GGC: 

  • Lifetime bonuses for token holders just for holding GGC tokens. Paid out monthly
  • Fully transparent lotteries using an innovative blockchain solution
  • Randomness certified by Gaming Laboratories International
  • Fully regulated global and national lotteries operating under government licenses

Why is it worth trading GGC and trust it? 

  • Project is already live, operating in multiple countries like ZambiaPeru and globally via White Lotto network
  • GG has worked and earning projects present on the market since 2015
  • GG team fulfilled all the promises from the initial WhitePaper published in 2017
  • Bonus payments are done monthly from December 2019 and may be verified on etherscan. The biggest minimum guaranteed jackpot in the world ($ 100 000 000) guarantees a fast expansion and growth of the players and projects income 
  • Global Game Coin is not mineable: a limited circulating supply of 12.7m only!