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Voting is over – get your prize!

The 25th voting on CoinDeal is over and we have our new winner!

Cosmos (ATOM) will be added to our exchange within 4 weeks. 

ATOM is a multifunctional, open-source platform based on blockchain technology, whose ambitious goal is to create an ecosystem that allows the interconnection and exchange of information between the various existing blockchain networks in a fully decentralized manner. 

Don't miss the start!

There have already been 6 votes at CoinDeal where you could win free CDL Tokens. Voting is completely dependent on our users. It is you who decide which cryptocurrencies will be included in our ranking and which will be added to our exchange. 

By nominating your favorite crypto on our official Twitter page, you can increase its chances of joining the voting. From the user’s nominations, we choose the TOP10, on which you can vote for on our platform. The only requirement to vote is to have 100 CDL Tokens on your CoinDeal wallet. 

For every vote you cast, you get a reward. In total, out of all six votings, you could receive CDL Tokens from a pool of 420 000 worth over $12 196. Votings were attended by 5477 people, where a single user could receive to 919 CDL Tokens, worth over $26. 

It’s worth it!