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New pair – FTO/EUR!

During this week, one of the newly implemented cryptocurrencies - FuturoCoin hit the record in trading volume on our cryptocurrency exchange platform - CoinDeal! Therefore, we are introducing some changes!

Surprising news

CoinDeal is developing very fast - there are no doubts here. After the second voting in our program - vote for new cryptocurrencies, a few new cryptocurrencies were implemented. One of them was FuturoCoin (FTO). We have paired this cryptocurrency with Bitcoin. It’s a new cryptocurrency created to provide fast and cheap transactions. In the roadmap of the project you can also find the preview of FTO available in ATMs. The whole community of FTO surprised us by breaking the record of the highest trading volume on our cryptocurrency exchange platform with a result up to 120.89672784 BTC during 24 hours.

Another change

That’s why, due to our policy of developing the platform up to your needs - we are presenting new pair FTO/EUR which will be available to trade on 15.05.2018! From that date you can enter CoinDeal with euro and buy not only Bitcoin but also FuturoCoin.

On May 15th another big change will happen. The pair SHND/BTC will be removed and replaced by SHND/XRP. All to give you the best experience from trading as Ripple is representing StrongHands value much more efficient.

As you can see, we are really listening to our users. Not only on paper! Show us what other cryptocurrencies you are interested to develop the cryptocurrency exchange platform - CoinDeal with us! Don’t forget about voting in our vote for new cryptocurrencies system!