CoinDeal is moving from Malta

Due to moving CoinDeal from Malta to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines effective on 18 February 2021 we would like to announce the company is withdrawing its application for a Class 4 VFA Services Licence, and thereby ceasing the provision of VFA services in or from Malta under Article 62 of the Virtual Financial Assets Act.

In connection with these changes, we remind you that you need you to accept and acknowledge the fact that CoinDeal will be run by a new company, and all your data and user accounts will be moved to our new company:
Company Registration Number: 753 LLC 2020
Company Name: CDSV LLC
Registered Office: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

How to accept the changes?
It’s easy! Log in on CoinDeal, then accept new Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Data Transfer Consent!

Changes must be approved by February 18, 2021.

What happens if you don’t agree with the changes?
After February 18, 2021, your account will be closed.
You will have to withdraw all Fiat Funds or Cryptocurrencies available on your Account.
After 10 days since your Account is closed all your remaining funds will be moved to a negatively interest-bearing deposit account.