Lower fees on BTC trading

Lower fees on BTC trading: 0.0004 for addresses beginning with bc1... (native segwit, bech32)

For every trader one of the most important things are fees for trading. So it’s normal that every user want to choose platform, with which stay for a while and find the best opportunities to trade.

At exchange, the users’ opinion matters, they can take part in voting for new crypto. CoinDeal offers a lots of crypto markets. Also the team considers to increase awareness of the SegWit tech to make an opportunity to pay less and make transaction more safety. And these safety is aspect, which CoinDeal’s team giving a lots of attention. It is very important to keep everything is right procedures and provide users protection.

CoinDeal is one of the most actively growing crypto ex-changes, who understand the position of users. Due to that, they want to provide the best terms for them. Keeping this in mind, the team of CoinDeal offers their clients a possibility to enjoy 50% lower fees, when the users want to transact Bitcoin onto the exchange wallet utilizing a Bech32 (SegWit Native).