New DeFi project joins our market!

DeFiScale – to be listed next week in CoinDeal with its utility token (DFC) – is an innovative decentralized investment pool, offering its users simple investments in fixed-term deposits in USDT, or DFC. Deposits bring the user daily fixed interest, while the funds collected in those deposits create DeFiScale’s investment wallet.

DeFiScale’s strategy assumes investing in real gambling, and financial projects, connected mainly with live blockchain. In the process of building its investment portfolio, DeFiScale connects liquidity guaranteed by the most innovative technologies with profitability and security of tested and proven business models. For instance, the core of today’s portfolio – FinBet – transfers proven business solutions of financial betting platforms to the industry of cryptocurrencies.

Since the 15th of April, the pool of free DFC airdrops will be launched for our users. Learn more about DeFiScale, and it's token here.

DFC will be available to trade on CoinDeal from the 31st of March.