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Let’s know the start date of the futures market!

The topic of derivatives has been present on the CoinDeal exchange for some time now. In July this year, the exchange gave us the opportunity to test the derivatives market for free. Every user and new customer of the exchange could register for DEMO CoinDeal Derivatives in seconds without going through the KYC process. At the start, we received a fictional 1 BTC on which we could test various possibilities of derivatives trading such as limit order, stop order, or market order.

After the launch of the DEMO platform, we organized a contest for people who will achieve the highest volume of profit, which was definitely a motivation to test the exchange. There were attractive prizes to win in the form of vouchers to the Apple store, which could also be exchanged for an appropriate amount of Bitcoin (BTC) or CoinDeal Tokens (CDL). 

DEMO is over, but the good news are coming. We would like to announce the date of the official start of the futures market. 


29th October 2020


We guarantee personal support and educational content for our users, a flexible and intuitive trading interface, and easy trading between CoinDeal Spot and CoinDeal Derivatives.

Registration will take you less than a minute. No complex KYC is required and we can start trading almost immediately. Just enter your username, email address, create a secure password and it's time to start trading. Of course, for this, you will need the funds with which we can trade. The platform will give you an opportunity to deposit funds in BTC and trade funds from the spot market. We also ensure that all steps will be explained in our FQA. 

It is also worth mentioning that CoinDeal Derivatives offers you one of the highest possible leverage to trade on derivatives because we can set it to 50x. It is also the only futures’ platform in the world offering a pair with Polish zloty. In the beginning, you can trade in two markets: BTC/USD and BTC/PLN.