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A massive amount of FTO to take!

There is a new contest on our platform. With FuturoCoin - founders of the prize, we decided to organize…

...the FTO contest!

FuturoCoin (FTO) is a dynamic cryptocurrency available on CoinDeal. The coin has got a lot of attention lately. On that occasion, FuturoCoin team is ready to give away huge amount of its coins.

The competition starts on 30th November 2018 and it will last till 14th December 2018. You have only 2 weeks to trade as much FTOs as possible.

The prize pool is 400 FTO!

  • 1st place - 200 FTO
  • 2nd place - 125 FTO
  • 3rd place - 75 FTO

How to become a winner?

To participate in the competition you have to be registered and verified on CoinDeal. If you have already done that, the next step is even easier to do. You just have to trade FuturoCoin in order to receive free coins. The best trader wins. One requirement: only FTO/BTC market.

    market takes part in the contest.

You can find the regulation HERE

To sum up:

  1. Register on CoinDeal.
  2. Follow FTO on Facebook/Twitter/Telegram to be updated
  3. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Telegram to be updated
  4. Trade on FTO/BTC market
  5. Win free FuturoCoins