Buy Bitcoin now!

From now on, you can buy Bitcoin for PLN

Dear users,

We are still growing. Recently, we have added PLN currency to credit card currency options, so you can purchase BTC with PLN.

To make this process even easier and faster, follow these steps:

  • log in to your account on
  • click "deposit funds"
  • select PLN as your card currency
  • the amount in PLN you want to buy Bitcoin for, convert it into dollars
  • in the marked place on the graphic enter the calculated amount or the amount of BTC you want to buy on the left
  • after clicking on the banner "Buy with a credit card" you will see the amount in PLN, which will be taken from your credit card.




Why does the amount have to be converted into USD when you want to pay in PLN?

We are a global exchange, which is constantly opening up to new markets and operating on an ever-increasing scale. We try to be equally accessible for traders from different parts of the world.

To make it easier for you to convert*:
10 USD = 50 PLN
20 USD = 80 PLN
50 USD = 200 PLN
100 USD = 400 PLN
200 USD = 785 PLN
500 USD = 1975 PLN
1000 USD = 3950 PLN

*conversion value depending on the current exchange rate