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What happened on CoinDeal?

We have just celebrated the biggest streetball tournament connected with cryptocurrencies. We have to admit, it was a lot of fun! Read…

… what else happened during the last week!

The previous week started with adding the two most important deposit improvements. First, we added a new bank transfer for Polish Zloty (PLN). This is already the second fiat currency with which you can deposit your funds on CoinDeal via bank transfer, but we promise that it won’t be the last.

As the second new method of making deposits, we added the possibility of using British Pound (GBP) with skrill. That’s the second possibility to enter CoinDeal - a cryptocurrency exchange platform with GBP, the first one was Epay.

We have also added some improvements in our affiliate program, changed the sliders and ameliorated the market searcher.

The busy week has ended with 3x3 Feel the BIT event in the middle of Wrocław, Poland. CoinDeal powered the street basketball tournament in which the prize were bitcoins. Not only the audience had a lot of fun admiring the dunk contest, but also all the players admitted that it was probably the best street tournament they had taken part in.

Check the movie on our Facebook profile from that event and happy trading!