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Updates on our site – check out “Security” and “About us” tabs!

After many questions about our security measures as well as doubts you may have about the whole venue we have decided to lift the veil of secrecy and expand two, probably most important, information tabs on our site - “About us” and “Security”.

“About us” tab

We want to be fair, we want to stand out, and we want our users to be informed about everything that may matter to them. We want to build trust and sense of security among our users. To build trust we have decided to share with you the information of all the companies engaged in the CoinDeal project, as well as introduce the members of the managing board. As you will read in the updated tab, CoinDeal is a project held by Verified Trading Solutions Ltd. - a company based in Cyprus, which is known for its crypto-friendly legislation. Our final goal, though, is to get licensed by FINMA in Switzerland. Also, although one of the offices is in Cyprus, the real magic happens in Wroclaw, Poland - the area often called “European Silicon Valley”. That’s where most of our developers work!

“Security” tab

Expansion of the “Security” tab was introduced to ensure our users that our platform is a safe place for their investments. You can learn more about our security measures - such as architecture. To make our platform completely safe we have decided to build it from smaller components, and there is no user or developer that would have access to them all. Also, we secure the company funds in Swiss banks, which are known to be the most reliable in the world.

Read more about the details in those two tabs: “About us” and “Security”. We want to play fair; we want to be the right place.