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The end of 3rd voting – EXPERIENCE POINTS!

The third voting for your favourite cryptocurrencies, which will be implemented on our cryptocurrency exchange platform at 05.16.2018, has just ended! And the winner is...


Experience Points is a cryptocurrency which took the first place due to your votes with a result of 1026 points. It is a crypto-based on a gamers community. You can earn XP by playing video games, doing sports or even education. Then you can spend it at participating vendors.

Unfortunately, none of the other cryptocurrencies hasn’t reached the minimal level of votes to be implemented (as a remainder, cryptocurrency will be implemented only if it will gather 1000 votes and take 1-5 place). In the second place was Bitcointoken with 396 votes. And the next DogeCoin with 173 votes, FedoraCoin 146 votes and Monero 139 votes.

We have even more good news! We have decided that we will not reset gathered votes for other cryptocurrencies. So from now on, you can vote for next cryptocurrencies to be implemented on CoinDeal. The voting will be held for another 4 weeks and only 2 cryptocurrencies will win.

Happy voting and happy trading!