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How to sell CDL Tokens?

Short instruction of how to sell the CDL

You already have your CDL Tokens. What's next?

Exchange CDL to BTC in a few simple steps:

1. Log in to your account on
2. Go to the market view and search for CDL/BTC market.


In order to sell your CDL Tokens you need to place an offer on them, which another user will buy from you.

If you are already in the CDL/BTC market view:

3. In the upper left corner select the SELL tab. At the top you can see information about the number of CDL Tokens you have.
4. In the first field from the top you should enter the price in BTC for which you want to sell 1 CDL Token.

Here you have 3 possibilities:

  • you can enter the price manually,
  • or enter one of the prices available on the market,
  • optionally, select the LAST button to use the price of the last executed transaction on the exchange.


5. Then in the next field enter the number of CDLs you would like to sell.
6. Clicking on the MAX button below will display all your CDL Tokens.


7. The last column is a summary of the price of your offer in BTC. Below you can see the estimated price of one CDL in USD on the left side and the estimated price of one CDL in USD on the right side.
If all the fields are filled in and you are ready to sell, press SELL.


After clicking on the SELL button, your offer can be fully realized if it coincides with the pending offer of another user.
Otherwise, your offer is added to existing sales offers and awaits realization.