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Results of our 2nd cryptocurrency vote

We gladly present you with the results of our 2nd cryptocurrency voting.

  • FuturoCoin (FTO), won the voting with 2391 votes,
  • Infinity Economics (XIN), our 2nd place with 665 votes,
  • DraftCoin (DFT), gathered 529 votes,
  • DeepOnion (ONION), 473 votes cast, which is enough to be implemented
  • StrongHands (SHND), with 420 votes.

All of those cryptocurrencies will be introduced for trading on 18.04.2018.

@DeepOnionx @FuturoCoinFTO @XIN_Foundation @Draftcoin @StrongHandsCoin Yay! First voting has ended! Due to that 5 new crypto will be introduced soon: #FTO, #XIN, #DFT, #ONION, #SHND. Congratulations to all the project holders!

— CoinDeal (@coin_deal) April 4, 2018

Information about new cryptocurrencies:

FuturoCoin (FTO), created in 2018, gathered 2391 votes. For cryptocurrency as new as FuturoCoin, we are happy to see how much votes FTO gathered! FTO has instant transaction and as they say on their website: “Four seconds is enough. Transfer of FuturoCoin is visible in payee’s wallet in no time! This is not a premium version. For us it is standard.”

Infinity Economics (XIN), It has smart contracts or as they say on their website: “One of the most promising features of the Infinity Economics platform are its automated transactions (AT), also known as smart contracts.”

DraftCoin (DTF), gaming cryptocurrency with its own gaming platform on top on their blockchain and as they say on their website: “Along with the use of DFT as the game’s website currency, we also plan to take advantage of the blockchain technology to store player stats and high scores.”

DeepOnion (ONION), TOR-based network with anonymous transactions and high-security wallet which is designed to keep your identity safe.

StrongHands (SHND), a cryptocurrency with both PoW and PoS, created to support athletics and loyalty, as they say on their website: “If you have weak hands, this coin is not for you. If you can go the distance crank up the miners and get to work!”

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